Pro-Tect Security Services Pty Ltd provides professional security officers who have the skills to ensure that your event is safe. As a special event security provider, we service all kinds of events, from small private functions to most high-profile events. Pro-Tect Security Management Pty Ltd provides the best safety, security, and presence to any event.


We include in our service our capability to supply portable (AI) CCTV at events to increase security and provide area surveillance with live, and pre/post event reporting. Including facial recognition to detect banned patrons.

Event Security management Service

Pro-Tect Security Management Pty Ltd offers static temporary security services, emergency response, and all events security for your planned events. For any festival securityconcert security, or wedding security purpose, contact us instantly and hire our proficient security guards for private events

Pro-Tect Security Management Pty Ltd offers unmatched temporary security services, swift emergency response, and all events security for your planned events with monitoring your entire premises all the time. For any festival security, concert security, or wedding security in Newcastle purpose, contact us instantly and hire our proficient security guards for private events. We provide our festival security services in Shire, North Shore, Campbelltown, Randwick, Hornsby, Blacktown, and everywhere in Australia.

Special Events.

Our service supply can range from political conventions to sports spectaculars. And from awards shows and entertainment events, such as movie production, to business meetings. Moreover, we tackle grand openings and major corporate marketing events well. We provide executive protection services and guards for Black Tie events, corporate conferences, & fundraisers. And, the political & charity events, government events, expositions, VIP gatherings & other high-profile events have our exceptional security arrangements. To organize confidential meetings, you can get our private event security services for protection arrangements.

Event Management

Pro-Tect provides help on planning, crowd control, and, when necessary, crisis response. Our management is skilled at understanding and planning the event security process and working with the client. While we train our personnel to be polite and professional by assuring the safety and security of all the event attendees. Because of it, our attention to detail ensures that every private venue or special event is secure in all phases. Pro-Tect is uniquely qualified to deliver protection for Special Events requiring a more sophisticated & refined presence. Hence, Protect agency uniquely handle safety and security in event management.

Our secure protective escort will ensure that our clients arrive safely at their event with our executive transportation services.

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About Pro-Tect Security 

We are independent and privately owned group specializing in security solutions, facilities management after hours answering and product supply and installation throughout Australia.