Alarm Response

Mobile security guards are trained to protect businesses from unnecessary risk, costs, and inconvenience. If we hold your keys, we can be called to open and close the premises. Additionally, mobile security patrol guards will respond rapidly to the alarms. After ascertaining the cause of the alarm sound, mobile patrol officers will take the necessary course of action. The action taken can include resetting the alarm or locating or detaining the culprit and liaising with the emergency services.

Trained in Health and Safety Protocols

As we train our mobile security guards, they provide guidance and advice when it comes to health and security protocols. It can include fire safety, emergency evacuation planning, and first aid safety plans.

Monitor with Mobile CCTV

Our security patrol officers have access to mobile CCTV units. These CCTV units are a great way to ensure security during the period when you are away from your business location. It helps the security guards to monitor busy and dangerous areas in real time.

Pro-Tect Security Management Pty Ltd is one of the leading security companies providing mobile patrol security guards services in NSW, ACT, QLD, NT, & SA, and we have handled thousands of security cases over the years. 

Our clients have peace of mind when it comes to receiving the service they signed up for. Securing the assets of our customers is our #1 priority. All our security patrols have a GPS mapping device which allows them to be dispatched immediately whenever a nearby alarm is activated. By knowing where our officers are in real time, we can effectively dispatch the security patrols closest to the triggered alarm site.

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Pro-Tect Security’s incorporation, in 2010, the company has grown from its original Newcastle base into a provider of a multitude of services across Australia.

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